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10 Prayers For the Single Mom

“You’re so strong.” I’ve heard that multiple times from well-meaning friends since eight years ago, when I became a suddenly single mom to seven kids after my husband died unexpectedly. The truth is, I’m not strong. I see all the ways life has changed and all the things I can’t do that my husband did. I see the pain my kids have navigated, I feel the weight of hundreds of decisions, and I know the loneliness that comes when the house grows quiet at night.

But I also know prayer. Prayer has been a lifeline for me these last eight years. It’s been a continuous conversation between me and God every time I feel incapable or lonely or overwhelmed. God has a heart for single moms and He hears our prayers. We’ve created a free printable for you with 10 prayers for single moms. Print 10 Prayers for the Single Mom to hang on your mirror, slip into your Bible, or give to a single mom friend.

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