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20 Fun Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Think you’ve heard every turkey joke? Think again! iMOM’s Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids printable has some funnies that will make even the hangriest pilgrim chuckle. Make copies of our free printable and let the kids, the big cousins, and even the weird uncle tell a joke or two. If you need the kids to stay out of the kitchen while you’re basting and baking, let them do a comedy tour around the house and and see who they can get the biggest laugh out of (our money’s on Grandma!). Punchlines are a great way to pass the time until you make a little room for dessert or even better, leftovers!

We all have much to be grateful for, on and around the Thanksgiving table. Our Thanksgiving jokes for kids will add laughter to that list. A bonus: The kids won’t fight over the turkey’s wishbone when they are tickling everyone’s funny bone! Gobble, gobble!

Need more laughs? Find 100 more jokes for kids here!

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