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30 Day Pillow Talk Challenge

We have a tradition here at iMOM.  Let me tell you about it…

Have you ever noticed the question at the end of every iMOM post and email?  It’s called an Ask Your Child question, and there’s a reason we put it there. You see, we know from experience that asking the right questions encourages moms to really connect with their children. No matter how you use these family conversation starters (some moms use them at bedtime, others use them at dinner time or on the drive to school), they can help you have a closer relationship with your child.

I came up with the idea for Pillow Talk when my children were very young. I would write a little note to them and lay it on their pillow. Before I knew it, they were writing back and leaving a note on my pillow. That’s how the idea for our Pillow Talk questions was born. Over the years, Pillow Talk let me connect with my children on a more loving, less “do this, do that” level.

So today we’re launching our 30 Day Pillow Talk Challenge. Join us!

And, if you’d rather connect before bedtime, here are 15 more ways to use these conversation starters.

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