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A Hug a Day

A hug a day… Does it keep the doctor away? Maybe! Does it fill your child with love and a feeling of security? Absolutely! Maybe hugging comes easy to you and your kids. Some kids are hugging machines! But some little ones (or let’s be real, tweens and teens) aren’t as into physical affection. In these cases, you’ve got to get creative. That’s where iMOM’s Hug A Day Ideas printable comes in handy.

We’ve got six different ways to wrap your arms around your kids and hold them tightly. Test out each one and see which kind of hug leads to the most laughter, the biggest sigh of relief, or the sweetest moment of peace. The special thing about giving a hug a day is no matter what your kids are going through, it fits the bill and you don’t have to say a word. Hugs can help after a rough day at school, a practice that seemed to go all wrong, a screamfest with a brother or sister who’s being extra bossy, or a heart-wrenching breakup. So even if your kids haven’t told you what they need, the hug will do its job and help them feel your love. No words required!

A hug a day is also a great way to celebrate. Got an A+? That calls for a hug! No cavities? Get over here and gimme a hug! You made the team? Hug time! A simple embrace says so much to our kids using no words at all. In ten seconds we say we’re proud of them and we love them. The other great thing is that you can’t multitask while hugging. Your kids get your undivided attention, even if for just a moment. With a hug, you’re telling them you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Are you convinced that hugs are the way to go? Then use iMOM’s Hug a Day Ideas to get in even more hugs with your kids.

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