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Family Chore Chart

“I took out the trash last time!” How often is your request for help met with that response? You’d think kids have little journals stashed away with a record of the exact date and time and photo evidence of when they last did a chore. They’re ready to present in a court of law that their siblings haven’t done it in “forEVer!” So, Mom, maybe it’s time for a family chore chart.

A family chore chart is iMOM’s solution to the arguments about what’s fair and whose job is whose. Everyone’s name is on the chart along with what tasks each person is in charge of that week. Some chores might rotate from person to person (like that pesky garbage) while others are always assigned to one person, because, you know, when you realize your daughter has a knack for streak-free mirrors, you embrace it!

Our favorite thing about the family chore chart is that it’s a reflection of the teamwork it takes to be a good family. Everyone has to do a part to keep the house up and running, whether that’s picking up toys or mowing the lawn. Every task is important and so is every person. You could even require that the whole week’s worth of chores is done for the family to earn a reward—and if that reward is enticing enough, you might see siblings actually helping each other. It’s a chore chart miracle!

Start with a fresh page every week or laminate the sheet and wipe it clean, just like the inside of your microwave. (Oops. Be sure to add that to the list.) If you’re looking for other tools to help manage chores around the house, here’s an individual chore chart for kids and a chore habit tracker. Your kids will love checking the boxes and you’ll love having a clean house!

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