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Healthy Meal Planning for Kids

Mom: “Why didn’t you eat your lunch?”

Child: “I didn’t want anything in it. It was gross.”

Are your kids complaining about your lunches already? The solution to stop the complaining is to put your kids in charge of their own meals. Getting them involved in packing their own lunches just take a little planning. Print out our Healthy Meal Planning printable and give it your kids. Have them fill in each sections with lunch items– use a pencil as you might need to alter some choices. Discuss what they write; make sure they are reasonable and healthy choices.

After the list is complete, go shopping! Make sure to hang the list on the fridge for easy access when the kids start packing their lunches. Tell them to pack one item of each section. With one list, packing lunches goes from being a chore to a fun puzzle. Download the Healthy Planning printable here.

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