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Printable Advent Calendar for Kids

There are few things more exciting to kids than the countdown to Christmas. Every day you creep closer to the 25th builds anticipation. Wouldn’t a count up feel more appropriate than a countdown? After all, something isn’t ending when Christmas Day arrives. It’s just beginning! Our printable Advent calendar for kids not only counts up to Christmas but it also builds something more important than anticipation for gifts. Each day you and your kids will help create joy, spread cheer, and show love to each other and the people around you. In short, you’ll be building up the Christmas spirit!

This Christmas season hush the rush and shift your kids’ focus to giving with our printable advent calendar for kids. Each day you’ll find sweet and selfless ideas to help your children experience Christmas joy by spreading holiday cheer. Make our advent calendar an annual tradition and you’ll create a legacy of giving that might just turn out to be the most priceless gift beneath your tree. As you open the daily gift, you’ll make a new Christmas memory and unwrap the true meaning of giving this holiday season.

In case you’ve got enough on your plate already, we give you permission to make up your own rules for this Advent calendar for kids. We know there’s a reason the classic, “chocolate behind the door” calendar is so popular; it takes zero effort from mom! You’ll see that some of these ideas are pretty effortless, but if you want to just pick one per week or skip a day here or there – go for it. It’s about building up joy, not creating stress. So have fun with it! We hope iMOM’s Advent calendar for kids is the best part of your count up to Christmas day.

What new tradition have you tried to experience the true meaning of Christmas instead of just “doing” Christmas?

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