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Printable Reward Charts for Boys and Girls

The best coaches in sports are usually excellent motivators. They get better performance and better behavior out of their players by motivating them to want to do better. And believe it or not, lots of them use a type of printable reward chart – really!

Have you ever noticed the helmets of college football players? They have little stickers on them. I did some digging and found out that the sticker trend began with the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes back in 1968. The stickers were given as a reward for outstanding plays. These days, teams give the stickers for commendable behavior on and off the field.

So here’s how you can motivate your children with stickers – use our Printable Reward Charts. Come up with a single behavior you’d like to see improved in your child. Then, when you see them doing better, give them a sticker. So if you’re trying to get your son to stop kicking his sister, give him a sticker for every day he goes without kicking. Or if he needs more immediate rewards, give him a “no kicking” sticker every hour!

Set a time span for using the printable – say three to five days for younger children and week for older ones.

At the end of that time, count up the stickers and celebrate! We have a football helmet printable and a crown printable you can use to motivate your children.

It’s your turn: How have you used reward charts?

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