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Thanksgiving Lunchbox Notes

When fall arrives, it seems like families go from one event, practice, meeting, or gathering to the next. Life really starts to get crazy and the holidays add to the mayhem. As we check all the boxes and fulfill all the commitments, we can forget to take a simple moment to tell our children we love them. Thanksgiving lunchbox notes to the rescue!

iMOM’s Thanksgiving Lunchbox Notes add a tiny dose of gratitude and thoughtfulness to any kid’s lunch, and boy do kids need it! Even though Thanksgiving is near, they are still feeling the stress of school work and friendship issues. A note from you saying you’re thankful to be their mom will feel like a warm hug. These sweet as pumpkin-pie lunchbox notes are the perfect way to encourage and love your kids in the middle of their school day and get them excited for Thanksgiving food, traditions, and fun!

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