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Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Seriously—is there anything cuter than seeing kids exchange valentines? Tiny pink, red, and white notes of kindness and love flood their backpacks once a year as a reminder of the sweetness of childhood friendships (and maybe the occasional crush). If you’re not feelin’ the tear apart cards with cartoon characters this year, or you realized you forgot to get cards and you’re in a last-minute panic, our printable Valentine’s Day cards for kids are free and (if we may toot our own horn) ridiculously cute. 

Have you ever looked through the cards your kids bring home and counted four Mickey Mouses, five Paw Patrols, and enough Barbies to fill an entire dreamhouse? Unless you share this link with other moms in your kids’ classes (which, of course, we’d love!), the cards your kids bring to school will be one-of-a-kind. It’s so sweet to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so do it with iMOM’s signature style of simplicity and playfulness.

Not only do Valentine’s Day cards for kids make it fun for your children to tell their friends they’re special, but they’re also a sneaky way to get kids to work on penmanship. You can gently remind your child, “If you want her to know this one’s from you, you’ll have to write your name clearly!”

If you have bigger kids, our Valentine’s Day gift tags might be more their speed. Print them out, punch a hole, and attach them to gifts or candy bags. You could even attach one to your gift to your husband.

The festivities don’t have to stop at the card exchange. Send your little loves on a hunt for something sweet with our Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt, or tell them why you love them in 14 different ways with our Countdown to Love printable. And lest we forget that Valentine’s Day should involve some romance, here are 19 ways to celebrate with your husband

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids?

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