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The Secret to a Positive Body Image for Moms

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There seems to be a new awareness about body acceptance and having a positive body image. It’s all about that “bass,” right? And we’re told we don’t have to “try, try, try.” But still, every day we see ads to lose weight, look younger, and feel firmer. And when you’re a mom who’s up at 6 a.m. and walks back in the door at 6 p.m. or a mom who’s taking care of kids at home all day, just thinking about looking good can feel like a heavy burden.

So in the midst of all of the noise about Fitbands and Color Runs, what’s the secret to liking and accepting the way you look? The secret can be summed up in one word – acceptance. Using that word as a foundation, here are 5 ways to like the way you look.

Accept yourself as you are.

This one has two sides to it. First, accept yourself the way you are today, right now. Don’t put off treating yourself kindly because you’re “waiting until you look better.” Put on some clothes that look good on you now. Care for yourself as if you were someone special because you are – no changes needed.

The second part of acceptance is realizing that your body is unique for you. I will never be a petite, big “bass” girl. I will never be lithe and muscular – no matter how much I worked out. There is no ideal I need to aspire to, and neither do you. We are born with bodies that are predisposed to particular physical characteristics. Accepting that is a precursor to the next point.

Consider the source.

I saw an ad the other day for developing highly developed abs. It did not look attractive to me. It’s someone’s ideal. It may be a lot of people’s ideal, but that doesn’t make it right. Just because it’s normal doesn’t make it right.

Realize the cost.

Our world is very body-focused… obviously. But when we focus on our bodies excessively, we are missing out on so much else. What if we used a bit of our body/fitness obsession and shifted it to developing our minds, our spirituality or our philanthropy?

Get some attitude.

Let an attitude of thanks put some attitude in your step. You’re alive! You have a body that lets you interact with the world. You can rock whatever you have on in whatever shape you are. Let the world see that there’s more to you than your outer shell. Feel good about yourself because of your great sense of humor, your writing, your wit, the job you do as a mom! Hold your head high. You are awesome. 

Remember your motivation.

When moms are trying to lose weight, get in shape or firm up, they stay motivated by thinking about how good they’ll look or feel. Well, here’s a big motivator for liking the way you look – your children. In fact, they’re good motivation for not just liking the way you look, but loving the way you look! Don’t you want your kids to feel awesome because they can move and dance and run? Wouldn’t you feel sad if their dislike of their bodies make them push those feelings of joy and appreciation aside?

Well, if they hear their mom saying she can’t eat this or that or she has to work out more or go on a juice fast or a Paleo diet, they’re going to start seeing you as someone who is very focused on the exterior. Soon they’ll look at their own bodies in the same way. So be a mom worthy of imitation. Like the way you look. Finally, because you are a mom, you have immeasurable value… no matter how you look.

Tell us! What are some things you can do for yourself this week that will positively increase your body image?


What do you notice first when you meet a new person for the first time?

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