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Fourth of July Trivia Game


Add some spark to your Independence Day fun with our Fourth of July Trivia Game!  You can keep the game super simple by just asking your kids the trivia questions. Or, we have a really fun idea for using our printable that involves cake!

We also have a great way for using the Trivia Game to have a trivia team competition. Check out the printable to get started!

Preparing for the Game:

  1. Prepare a sheet cake and cut into 24 slices.
  2. Print out the “4th of July Trivia Game” sheets (1 flag sheet and 1 answer key).
  3. Cut out each trivia question flag (24 total)
  4.  Fold trivia question in half and place toothpick in fold, then glue or staple the toothpick in place.
  5. Using the toothpicks, insert a trivia question flag into each slice of cake. If you are playing with less than 24 people you can insert multiple flags on one piece of cake.

Playing the Game:

  1. Choose an adult to moderate the game and give them the answer key.
  2. Pass out trivia slips or slices of cake. You will notice that each trivia tab has either stars or stripes on it. These represent the two teams, Stars and Stripes. If placing two or more flags on one piece of cake make sure they are from the same team.
  3. Use the number on the left hand corner of the flags to determine the order of play.  Whoever has number one will start. Continue in numerical order from 1 to 24.
  4. Number 1 will ask their trivia question to the members of his or her team (Stars or Stripes). The team should deliberate as a group and decide on one answer.  The moderator uses the answer sheet to confirm.
  5. The game moderator must keep score. The team that gets the most answers correct wins!

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