Two Great Table Manners Printables for Kids

table manners for kids

So many meals, so many manners – or should I say, so many chances to have bad manners.

We’ve reached the point at our house where we are threatening to sign up my son for manners classes. It’s not that he’s terribly rude or disrespectful, it’s just that mealtime with him can turn into a manners reminder session.

And when you spend the entire meal correcting your children’s manners, it kind of defeats the purpose of family mealtime. It also puts too much focus on one child and shifts the attention from the child who is having good manners.

So before your next family meal, take a look at this Pass the Piggy Table Manners Printable. It’s a light-hearted approach to encouraging your children to use good manners during meals. You can use Pass the Piggy with our Good Manners Reminder Printable.

Before each meal, go over the list. Then hang it where everyone can see it during dinner. Let us know how it goes below!!

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