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101 Ways to Serve Your Husband

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“Serve your husband.” Does that sound old-fashioned or maybe even subservient to you? I bet “love your husband” feels better. Well, love and service are twins. Love is patient, kind, not boastful or proud, and so is service. When you think about it that way, it’s clear that one of the best ways to show love is to serve your husband.

But what about the days when work, kids, and exhaustion get in the way? Well, we have to be intentional—especially on the overwhelming days! And thankfully, it does not need to be an over-the-top ordeal. There are ways to serve that don’t require elaborate planning or a huge effort. Here are 101 simple ways to serve your husband this week.

  1. Make him coffee in the morning.
  2. Grab him a fresh towel when he gets out of the shower.
  3. Say something kind about him in front of other people.
  4. Clear the table and let him rest after dinner.
  5. Bring him coffee at work.
  6. Make his favorite dinner.
  7. Prepare his favorite snack.
  8. Pack his lunch.
  9. Play his favorite board game with him.
  10. Vacuum the interior of his car.
  11. Wash and put away his laundry.
  12. Let him have the last word.
  13. Hold back from pointing out a mistake he’s made.
  14. Give him some time to himself.
  15. Initiate sex.
  16. Watch his favorite movie with him.
  17. Bring him breakfast in bed.
  18. Give him a massage.
  19. Wash his car.
  20. Listen to him without interrupting.
  21. Kiss him goodbye before work.
  22. Cuddle for a while before going to sleep or getting out of bed.
  23. Let him sleep in.
  24. Compliment him.
  25. Kiss him just because! Use iMOM’s printable 14 Day Kiss Your Husband Challenge.
  26. Clean or organize the garage.
  27. Join in on his favorite activities.
  28. Let him take a nap.
  29. Organize his closet.
  30. Surprise him with his favorite takeout meal.
  31. Make the bed.
  32. Support him on something he is pursuing.
  33. Follow his spiritual leadership.
  34. Ask for his input before making a decision.
  35. Help him with something on his to-do list.
  36. Replace his toothbrush.
  37. Set out his clothes for work.
  38. Help him with his tie before work.
  39. Iron his clothes.
  40. Stock his desk with yummy snacks.
  41. Write down words of affirmation.
  42. Fill his car with gas.
  43. Pray for him (or with him). Use iMOM’s 10 Ways to Pray for Your Husband printable.
  44. Thank him.
  45. Play his favorite songs in the car.
  46. Save him hot water for his shower.
  47. Get his wedding ring cleaned.
  48. Buy him something fun he wouldn’t buy for himself.
  49. Plan your next date night.
  50. Encourage him.
  51. Tell him you love him.
  52. Mow the lawn.
  53. Brush the snow or leaves off of his car.
  54. Warm his car up before work.
  55. Shovel snow or sweep/rake leaves.
  56. Shine his shoes.
  57. Do the bedtime routine with the kids.
  58. Frame a picture for his office.
  59. Recite your marriage vows to him.
  60. Bake his favorite dessert.
  61. Water the lawn.
  62. Ask him how you can make his day better or easier.
  63. Initiate conversation. Try iMOM’s Date Night Conversation Starter printable.
  64. Replace the toilet paper.
  65. Flirt with him.
  66. Weed the flower bed.
  67. Apologize first after an argument.
  68. Give him space when he needs it.
  69. Make him laugh.
  70. Greet him at the door when he returns home.
  71. Build him up when he seems low.
  72. Tell him you are proud to be his wife.
  73. Respect him.
  74. Provide him a safe place to rest.
  75. Make your home welcoming and warm.
  76. Set aside your own expectations for a while.
  77. Consider his point of view in a disagreement.
  78. Let go of a grudge you have been holding.
  79. Put away your phone when you’re together.
  80. Get yourself dolled up for him.
  81. Read a book he loves and chat about it together.
  82. Gush about him to others.
  83. Leave him random love notes around the house.
  84. Don’t nag him.
  85. Hold his hand while walking or driving together.
  86. Drop off/pick up his dry cleaning.
  87. Run an errand for him.
  88. Tell him what he is good at.
  89. Hug him longer than usual.
  90. Smile at him just because.
  91. Put his needs before yours.
  92. Stop keeping score.
  93. Prioritize your marriage.
  94. Restock any toiletries he needs.
  95. Replace his old socks and underwear.
  96. Create time for him to do something fun with the kids.
  97. Speak truth to him.
  98. Show him grace when he needs it.
  99. Notice and acknowledge his efforts.
  100. Discover his love language and show him love the way he best receives it.
  101. Speak to him in a gentle tone.

Can you add number 102? How can you serve your husband? 


Who is one person you can serve today and how can you do it?

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