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10 Compliments for Your Son

I had lunch with a friend the other day and asked how her teenage son is doing. “Great!” she said. “He’s becoming surer of himself. I’ve been telling him since he was little that he was born a leader, and it looks like those words are finally sinking in.” She frequently reminds him about the day she taught him how to hold a tennis racket when he was about three. After listening to her instructions, her son politely took the racket and said, “Now I teach you, Mommy.”

Complimenting your son on his leadership ability can go a long way toward building his confidence and belief in himself. So criticize when you must, but compliment whenever you can. In that way, you’ll help your son have a vision for the man he can become. Start with these 10 compliments for boys. And, if you have a daughter, you’ll love these 10 compliments you can share with her.

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