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10 Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray

Helping your child develop a daily prayer life is one of the greatest gifts a mom can give. Teaching your child how to lay down their worries, seek wisdom, and enjoy the presence of a loving God is a treasure! There’s something so sweet about a child’s innocent prayer of “God bless Mommy, Daddy, the fish, and the dog,” but there are other prayers for children that teach them that there’s more to these chats with God.

We can pray to praise, petition, worship, ask forgiveness, and even express wonder and gratitude. When we open our children’s eyes to the reasons to go to God we also open their eyes to all God is doing in their lives. This printable checks all the boxes of what’s on a mother’s heart for her child: friendship, protection, a love for God, gratitude, wisdom, and more. By praying these things with your child, you’ll help them develop a desire for them as well.

This printable is just one of a collection that you can use to start to form your child’s heart for the Lord. Here are some other printable prayers for children to help you on your journey.

Have you prayed with your child before?

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