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Prayer List for Kids

One of the sweetest sounds is hearing your kids pray for you at bedtime. “And God bless Mommy.” It never gets old. But—we do want to teach our kids to pray for people other than those who live under their same roof. It reminds them that there are people who are facing a tough time and it breaks the monotony of listing the same family members night after night. Just like with adults, it’s helpful for kids to keep a prayer list to remember who to pray for.

iMOM’s printable prayer list would be a cute addition to a bulletin board. You could fold it into your child’s Bible. You could even try keeping it in your children’s school folders in case they think of someone in the middle of the day. How awesome would it be if your son or daughter saw a classmate being picked on and wrote his or her name down to remember in prayer? That would feel like a major win in the parenting department! This prayer list would be extra helpful for you too, Mom. After all, momnesia is a real thing and we don’t always remember who we want to pray for. So print it for free today and share it with a friend you’re praying for!

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