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30 Day Family Time Challenge

Have you taken our 30 Day Mom Challenge? If you loved that challenge, you’ll love this one too. Our 30 Day Family Time Challenge is 30 days of simple ways to bring your family closer. There are so many challenges that have a personal improvement goal in mind. We love those! After all, who doesn’t want to drink more water, get defined abs, journal on a regular basis, or quit smoking? But the great thing about our 30 Day Family Time Challenge is that it’s one challenge that affects the entire family. Your kids will help hold you accountable and by the end of the 30 days, you’ll have made 30 awesome memories and grown closer as a family.

You can start any day of the month, and work on doing one thing every day. If you come across one that doesn’t fit your family, don’t worry! Just double up on one of your favorites. Take the challenge, and begin today.

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