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Chore Chart for Kids

There are three battles parents face when trying to get kids to do chores, but iMOM’s printable chore chart for kids can help with two out of three. The first is that your kids know what’s theirs to do. The second is tracking that the job is done. The third, and most difficult, is actually getting them to do it

We can’t come to your house and whisper to your son, “It’s time to take out the trash,” or tell your daughter, “You know, that laundry isn’t going to put itself away.” But we did create this cute printable that serves as a gentle reminder. Plus it will look cute on the fridge, right at kid height. The best part about a chore chart for kids is it takes mom nagging out of the picture. You don’t have to ask over and over if the dishwasher is emptied or the dog’s bowl is clean. Just check the chart. Then, when your kids ask for screen time, send them to the chart for the answer!

We know every family is different, so this chore chart for kids is created for you to fill in the blanks with the jobs that are appropriate for your child. You can also take a cue from our suggested chores. And before you think your child is too young to take on a task, let him or her try. There’s always a learning curve, so remember to be patient and when your kids do a job well, be sure to pile on the praise!

Start with a fresh page every week or laminate the sheet and wipe it clean, just like your countertops! If you’re looking for other tools to help manage chores around the house, here’s a family chore chart and a chore habit tracker. Your kids will love checking the boxes and you’ll love having a clean house!

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