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Free Printable Lunchbox Notes for Husbands

When we were kids, lunchtime was all about getting a break from class, trading snacks, and finding a note from mom. Now, as adults, we munch down lunch at our desks between meetings or try to enjoy a meal while having conversations with coworkers. But that note we loved finding when we were kids doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. iMOM has free printable lunchbox notes for husbands that will be a bright spot in your husband’s day.

Print these sweet notes and slip them in his lunch bag to give encouragement, make him laugh, and even flirt a little. This small surprise over last night’s reheated leftovers will make lunch the best part of his workday. And if he’s really having a tough time at work, try sending a text message, too. What you send him might seem like just words to you, but they will remind him of how much he is loved by you and your family.

Does your husband work from home? Sneak a note onto his desk, in the fridge, or next to the coffee pot. Each day for a week, you can make sure he knows you appreciate his hard work and you look forward to being with him when the end-of-the-workday whistle blows. 

If you’re a busy mom (especially one who works a full-time job yourself), you know how easy it is for a whole day or week to go by without touching base with your husband or stopping to say an intentional “I love you.” Our free printable lunchbox notes for husbands make it easy to let him know you’ve thought about him and that you see all he does for you and your family.

Show your whole family love with our other free lunchbox notes. We have some made for boys and girls, tweens and teens, and special holidays too!

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