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USA Scavenger Hunt Game

History is fascinating and can be a lot of fun. Follow these instructions and watch how easily your kids can learn about our country.

Preparing for the game:

  1. Print the game pages
  2. Roll each page like a scroll so that the # at the top faces out and tie with a ribbon or string.
  3. Hide the scrolls in different locations in the yard or house.

Playing the game:

  1. Instruct the children to find the scrolls. You may want to specify how many scrolls each child may find.  For example, there are 12 scrolls, if you have 3 children playing allow instruct each child to find 4 and then come sit down.
  2. When the children have all completed their hunt, ask who has scroll number 1 and ask them to open the scroll.
  3. Have them show the picture to the other children and read about the historical item.
  4. Then ask who has scroll #2 and ask them to open and read it. Continue with all of the scrolls

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