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Valentine Lunchbox Notes

Even though Valentine’s Day is about romance, it’s so much fun for our kids, too! Who doesn’t remember those paper bags decorated with doilies and hearts for collecting tiny folded rectangular cards from friends at school? Some kids might be nervous about who a valentine could be coming from while others are just stoked to have an excuse to eat more candy. In the midst of all of it, your valentine lunchbox notes will be the sweet message of unconditional love they need. 

But you don’t have to wait until February 14th. Sweeten your kids up with messages of affection in the days before, and by the time Valentine’s Day has arrived, they’ll be on Cloud 9 with Cupid! These are perfect for elementary kids, but don’t forget about your tweens and teens. Our simple valentine lunchbox notes will make this year’s holiday even more special by reminding your kids that they’re always loved by you and always will be!

So keep them in a secret (but handy) place, and after lunch is packed, grab your scissors and cut out the note that you think will bring a smile to your child’s face. You could even print the notes on adhesive paper and stick one right on the plastic wrap around your kiddo’s PB&J sandwich or to the outside of a classic brown bag. We promise—our valentine lunchbox notes will take a brown bag from drab to delightful! And don’t be afraid to take the pink and red cuteness we’ve created and add your own personal touches.

Mom, you have no idea how important your words are to your child. Something as simple as a note is a powerful way to communicate love. We have so many more free lunchbox notes, including other holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also have everyday notes designed specifically for boys or girls and even highschoolers.

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