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Year-End Lunchbox Notes

It’s the home stretch to summer! Mom, you’re the wind in your kids’ sails, the gas in their tank, the oxygen in their fire. Now you can be the love in their lunch! For the end of the school year, iMOM has some encouraging lunchbox notes that will help our tired students stay focused and keep their eyes on the finish line. 

The last week of school is a ton of fun with yearbooks, parties, and graduations, but there are also exams, saying goodbye to friends and teachers, and even school changes. Our kids need to know we love and believe in them. A sweet sentiment in their lunch is a great way to do it. So whether your kiddo is graduating from kindergarten, moving on to middle school, becoming a cool highschooler, or just relieved to have survived sixth-grade math, celebrate together with these encouraging lunchbox notes and get ready to enjoy your summer break!

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