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7 Ways to Tell Your Husband You’d Choose Him All Over Again

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I met my husband in 1996. I was 14, he was 15, and we were both into playing basketball, listening to country music on repeat, and watching Friday night football games. Now, all these years later, neither of us has played basketball in ages, I can’t stand country music, and on Friday nights, the last place anyone would look for either of us is at a football game. We’re different people. Thankfully, changing and growing is a natural part of life. However, all of that changing sometimes means our differences shine brighter than our commonalities, and I need to make an extra effort to let him know I see him and appreciate him for who he is today.

To someone who doesn’t know us well, we actually don’t appear to have much in common anymore. Sometimes, our growing differences drive each other crazy. So how do we stay married (and love it) all these years later? I believe it’s by showing that we genuinely appreciate each other and, if we had it to do over, knowing what we know now, we’d still choose each other. You can show that you love and appreciate your husband through actions, but there are also ways to tell him he’s still the one. The next time you think he needs to hear it, try saying it one of these 7 ways.

“I’m so glad I married you.”

This is one quick way to say you’re still happy to be his wife and glad you joined your life with his. It lets him know you’re with him by choice, not obligation.

“I’d go anywhere with you.”

Because we often disagree about travel destinations, this is my favorite way to say how much my husband matters to me. Maybe you and your husband often differ on restaurant or movie choices. If so, saying something like “I’ll be happy if you’re there” can go a long way.

“I need some time to think about your side.”

When disagreements happen, this one-liner can be a powerful reconciler and shows that you care more about the relationship than about being right. It lets him know you want to step closer to him and leaves behind any unhealthy habits you may be picking up in your marriage.

“You’re so handsome/wonderful/hot/sexy.”

Pick an adjective and erase all doubt about your feelings for him with this phrase. Say it often. He’ll never get tired of hearing it.

“You still give me butterflies.”

Keeping romance alive and well in a long-term marriage can be difficult. These words can be a great start to flirting with him in a way he will love.

“Can we have some time away from the kids?”

When my husband says these words, I know he wants me all to himself. When I say them to him, it says loud and clear that my mind is on him.

“Thank you for putting up with me.”

Acknowledge you’re hard to get along with sometimes. It lets him know you’re trying to see things from his perspective and putting a check on your own expectations in your marriage.

These seven phrases won’t make every hard place in your marriage easier, but they can bring appreciation even into the hard stuff. The truth is, a marriage involves two unique people, which can sometimes get messy. But two people can choose to be different together—and to choose to love those differences. That’s sometimes the best way to appreciate your husband.

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What is your favorite way to show you appreciate your husband?


How do you think your dad and I met and fell in love?


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