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25 Back-to-School Activities and Ideas

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What do your kids need to be ready for school to start? Pencils? Shoes that fit? Folders with pockets and prongs? I love a school supply list. But back-to-school is more than just supplies. We know moms could use a checklist to prepare for all the demands of the next month, so we created a one-stop shop for back-to-school activities and ideas.

Some of our back-to-school activities will help you get all your ducks in a row so your kids are set up for success. Others provide great conversation starters that will help you crack even the toughest nut in your family. And for the kids who are sad to see the summer come to a close, there are some super fun celebrations that will keep the party going just a little longer. Here are 25 back-to-school activities and ideas to make this year start smoothly.

Celebrate the new school year as a family.

Get your kids excited to start the new school year by partying away the last few days of summer over a family meal or party. Use these Back-to-School Conversation Starters and listen closely to your child’s answers as they might just clue you into what’s really on his or her heart.

back-to-school activities treasure huntPlay away nervous energy with fun and games.

For the kids who don’t get excited by pencils and three-ring binders, these back-to-school activities and games are great for creating some end-of-the-summer smiles. Start with our free printable treasure hunt. You could even use new school supplies as prizes along the way.

Get organized before the big day.back-to-school activities and ideas checklist

If you love checking boxes, this printable back-to-school checklist will be your new best friend. It starts a few weeks out, so you’re not scrambling at the last-minute rush. We’ve covered everything from checking the status of summer reading to scheduling haircuts.

back-to-school activities and ideas challengeA new year means new opportunities!

A new teacher, new supplies, new books… every kid gets a fresh start in August. And so do you, Mom! Take iMOM’s 30 Day Back-to-School Challenge to start the year off right and stay engaged.

Teach them time management and organization.printable calendar for kids August 2021

Moving from summer freedom to a school schedule can send any kid into a tailspin. But teaching kids how to manage their time and organize tasks will serve them well in school and in life. Start with our printable calendars for kids. They can use these to keep track of after-school activities, test days, and the end of the grading period.

Help your child become a better learner.

Sometimes the missing piece in academic success is one click away. If your child struggles to stay motivated, iMOM has several progress trackers for math and reading. This is one of our favorite reading charts. Be sure to have rewards planned for the halfway mark and the finish line!

  • Is your child a visual, auditory, tactile, or reading/writing learner? Identifying which type of learner your child is will give him or her a huge advantage and probably make homework and study time less stressful.
  • If your son is just not motivated to study (often boys struggle with this more than girls), here are 5 tricks for motivating him in school.
  • Some kids are eager to study while others practically have to be forced. Here’s how to motivate kids to study whether they’re in elementary, middle, or high school.

Help them make new friends.

Academics is only part of what our kids learn between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Making and keeping friends can be just as hard, and for some kids, it feels more important than books. Keep this Making Friends printable handy so you can practice with your kids and help them develop healthy friendships.

Looking for more? Download our Back-to-School printable bundle for parent-teacher conference worksheets and more!

What is your favorite way to ring in the new school year?


What’s something we could do to help you feel ready for the start of the school year?

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