60 Days of Summer

This is your simple solution to, “Mom, I’m bored.” With 60 easy ideas, fun is at your fingertips and your kids are going to think you’re the most creative mom on the block!

60 Days of Summer Fun

It’s time to throw a back to school party for your kids, and we have back to school party ideas to make your celebration a blast!

Want to know what your kids are really thinking?  Use iMOM’s Kid Talk 2.0 Family Conversation Starters to find out. 

Here are some great ideas for outdoor fun this summer!

Watch these great throwback family movies this summer!

Happy words!

Try one of our 8 Great Ways to Bond With Your Child to slow down and just be together!

Kids love secrets. So use that to your advantage to encourage them to be nicer to their siblings with our Secret Pal Notes.

How big are your children’s dreams? Have them write down their 3 Biggest Dreams to find out.

Look for a quick and free activity for your kids this summer? Just print our summer coloring pages for kids!

Want to know what your kids are really thinking?  Use iMOM’s Kid Talk 1.0 Family Conversation Starters to find out.

Give your kids what they really want—more time with you!  Surprise your children with iMOM’s Mom Time Coupons for hours of memory-making fun.

10 Ways to Savor Summer!

Take the time to make a Family Tree this summer with your kids!

Browse Our Book List for Kids!

We have 50 ideas for summer games and fun that will keep a smile on your kids’ faces.

Dozens of Pillow Talk Conversation Starters!

Have some fun with your family with these friendly pranks!

Here are 5 creative starts to a bedtime story that you or your child can finish.

Use these ideas for entertainment for the entire family on your family fun night!

Give your child Kid Coupons to ensure you find time to spend together.  Then wait for opportunities as you play, create and exercise to have conversations that count.

You can find out what games and family activities your child loves and more using our fun Playing Talk Family Conversation Starters.

Eating as a family at home can be fun, and less expensive. So here are 5 ways to create your own family restaurant.

The next time you feel the pressure to come up with a game, activity or craft for your children, have them reach into iMOM’s I’m Bored Jar instead.

This summer make lunch exciting and fun with these theme lunch ideas you kids will love!

Here are 10 good riddles to keep your kids laughing and create tons of family fun.

Family time can be fun time with our New Family Fun Time Cards!  Print them out, put them in a bowl, and let your children draw a card to start the fun.

What a child sees and hears this summer influences what they think and do tomorrow.

Perception starts with careful observation of the world around us.  This scavenger hunt is a fun way to teach your child about how to perceive life.

I started thinking about how the days between the end of school and the 4th of July are filled with heat, humidity and cries of boredom. Why not break that up with a new family holiday. This holiday shouldn’t be about presents, but about presence; holidays are best when spent with family.

Grow some gardening excitement at your house this summer using our printable Plant Labels for kids.  Glue them to a plant stake, or print them on a label and place them on a pot.

We know your kids have probably played freeze tag, but what about dragon tag? Amoeba tag, or clothes pin tag?  Well tag away this weekend with 15 backyard games. And, if you want another twist on tag, come up with your own ideas. What about hug tag? 

Summer time is a great time to show some random acts of kindness to your family.

Kids love to hear stories about when they were born.  So start by sharing the twelve details below about how their life began.

What were the major events that led up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence?  This trivia challenge will give you the answers – in  a fun way!


A Family Declaration of Gratefulness

Founding Fathers Hide and Seek!

Play the Fourth of July Trivia Cake Game!

USA Scavenger Hunt!

Dream Big!  Make a Dream Board!

Movie time!  Our New Movie Monitor Can Help you Choose!

A totally free, dollar store scavenger hunt!

The Sweet Talk Game will help you grow closer as a family by encouraging listening and sharing.

Spark some conversation this summer with our Summer Talk family conversation starters.

Use our Reward Jar Coupons when you want to recognize your kids for a job well done, for doing more than expected, or for just being themselves.  You can use all of the coupons, or only the ones you think they’ll like best

When the game begins, the first person in each line must run to the bat, pick it up, place the large end on the ground, bend over so their forehead is on the flat end of the bat, and spin around ten times.

Use iMOM’s Knock-Knock jokes printable to add some laughs to your conversation.

Show your children our nature bugs and then let them create their own!

Sure they’re delicious to eat, but they’re also ripe for fun. Try these sweet ideas for watermelon games and more!

Whether you’re by the lake, ocean, gulf, or river, send your kids on an adventure to find these items.

What do your children dream about doing, seeing, being? Use our Dreams Talk conversation starters to find out.

What do your children dream about doing, seeing, being? Use our Dreams Talk conversation starters to find out.

Persevering in kindness can be one of the most difficult things we have to do in life. We can’t think of a better thing to practice with our kids than persevering in love and service for their siblings. 

Looking for a fun craft for your child to do this summer? Why not have them create a scrapbook that will help them to remember all of the fun things that they did! 

Water games are a big hit on a hot day. Here are five water games to keep your kids cool!

Head to the great indoors for an easy summer camp out—we mean, camp in!

This summer, cash in on the opportunity to read with your kids.  With younger children, great giggle-inducing titles are easy to find, and just beg to be read aloud.

Nature is fascinating but easily overlooked. So explore nature hands-on with the help of our Nature Conversation Starters! You can discover it in your backyard, a park, a pond, or a beach.

These three road trip games will make you want to hit the road! Road Trip I Spy, Road Trip Bingo, and the Road Trip License Plate Game are ready to roll!

You’ll have lots of fun in the great outdoors with our Ameoba Tag game!  

What’s on your family’s summer bucket list? Picnicking under the stars? Having a water balloon fight? Making homemade ice cream?  We’re going to help you get your ideas down on paper so you can keep track of all of your big plans.

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